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Special EDC Mask

Here is the mask.. I hope you like it.
Special EDC Mask $14.50

Quap blue diamon necklace SO

What the name of your store or send me a link to your store. Sent from my iPhone On May 9, 2013, at 2:37 PM, google_buykandi wrote: > this is will be...
Quap blue diamon necklace SO $15.00

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Special Order DM5 Blue Face

Cesar this ishte bluw DM5 your requested.. it is made as you can see.. I will mail as soon as it is paid for thank ou Naomi
Special Order DM5 Blue Face $15.00

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Purse for Valentines day

this beads purse for valentines day..
Purse for Valentines day $100.00

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New Products For September - Special Orders

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