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Welcome to Heras Online Market.. dba #TheKandiBazaar

We at The Kandi Bazaar are at your service,  How you ask?  You have been excited for months with your favorite music festival coming to town,  You saved your money and got your outfit together then you looked at your kandi collection and nothing seems to work.  What are you going to do?  You just don’t have time to make the kandi you need, so The Kandi Bazaar comes to the rescue.  I have been beading for many many years and I really enjoy beading.  I am a ganja granny with the heart of a kandi Kid. 

You need kandi bracelets with your favorite characters, I can help you with that.  You needs 100’s of single bracelets and only have 5 days and your work/school schedule is so heavy you just don’t have time.  Thats me I have time.

I could go into detail on how I got started on making Kandi bracelets, but I won’t.  I just really want you to know if you can dream it up I will do my very best to make it happen.  If you need a kandi mask, kandi reckless , kandi cuffs, or kandi backpacks you definitely  came to the right place.