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Read Carefully: We sell bulk single bracelets and the more you buy the cheaper they are.

Yet, there are times when you want to take advantage of the discount but want to add words or letters here is what you do.
For example if you want 2 bracelets that say EDC and 3 bracelets that say dnb
this is what you do to get the words and discounted price;you write EDC EDC DNB DNB DNB.
NOW This is important
.. >When you checkout you see a place to add comments
and in the space is where you tell me the details of what you want
like the example above you would say on the single bracelets I would like 2 say EDC and 3 to say DNB.

Any questions please ask.

Price per letter: $0.05

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Buying bulk makes sense. The more you buy the cheaper the bracelets become. The beads we use are a combination of* :

* Neon beads
* Glow in the dark
* Bobbles
* Stars, Hearts,
* Clear (transparent)
* Opac
* Pony Beads Animals (bears, dogs, turtles etc...)
* Letters (extra charge for custom letters and or words see below)
* and anything else we can think of.

We use between 24 to 30 beads for each bracelets.
and all colors too.

so choice your amount and lets deal.

To qualify for free shipping on large orders
we need time to make them:

~For 100 to 199 we need 10 days to complete the order.
~For 200 to 349 we need 15 days to complete the order
~For 349 to 500 we need 20 days to complete the order.

For the times you need them quicker than outlined above
Click here http://herasonlinemarket.com/shop/bulk_mysteries_single_bracelet._special_orders

500 or more please contact me.
thank you

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