Info On the Magic Bucks Program

Magic Bucks

What are they?

Magic Bucks awarded to you as you buy items from any one of our stores.

Magic Bucks are worth .03 apiece and you get 1/2 a buck with every dollar you spend.

You can cash your Magic Bucks anytime after the total reaches 150. Your Magic Bucks can be used for 30% of your shopping cart total.

Other Ways To Earn Magic Bucks

Signing up for our newsletter you get 3 Magic Bucks.

Signing up for a Affiliate Account you get 5 Magic Bucks.

After your purchase and you are happy with your item and you leave a testimonial you will receive 10 Magic Bucks.

Add your web site link (we will link back as long as it is appropriate) earn 3 Magic Bucks

Create an account with equals 5 Magic Bucks.

And if you buy any music from the site you will earn 1/2 Magic Buck for every song you pay for.

(Free Songs do not count) or if you buy the whole album you will receive 5 magic points.

I will be adding more ways to earn so keep checking back.

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