Moralle Boost :)

i am serving in iraq currntly and we still have internet. i always kept my kandi as a reminder of good times waitin at home and all my rave family...

thankyou so much!

I absoulutely love this website and all its service...all my kandi and cuffs were not only made perfectly and looked stunning but the shipping was...

Fast shipment and Excellent Quality

Thank you so much for Kandi, everything I ordered shipped fast and the necklace and bracelets are made really well. I definitely want more :-)


This is just a test submission to show you how it looks, great, eh?


I absolutely loved my shopping experience and every piece of Kandi I ordered from Heras Online Market. First of all, the Kandi is very well made, so...


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Custom Orders

I get asked a lot if I do custom designs. The answer is yes. I charge $15.00 for a flat bracelet. I can make bracelets from crumpets site as long as it is her design.. IF the design if from another person from her site please get their permission (it is only PLUR) and you can tell them about my affiliate program where they can earn money from their designs I make. Please let me know it is from her site so credit is given correctly.

Click here for custom orders I can do other items in kandi and would have to be discuss and a price quoted. so ask what you would want and I will see what I can do.

I have bracelets I have made on Facebook Photos. you can see the custom orders I have made. Thank you for reading.

Click here for custom orders