About Us


TI live with my wife and partner and our 3 dogs, Korkie, Kalie Mist, and Delilah May. I have been doing bead work since my youth. I use to do the seed beads, I made a lot of earrings because they where quick and easy. LOL Then about 2008 my son came home with the most interesting pony beaded bracelets his girl friend at the time call them Kandi. I started making them for his friends. That got costly since I just gave them away without getting any return. I was on ebay already and did my research and low and behold people where selling them on ebay.. so my Kandi business began. I do get hate mail once in a while or nasty notes on my Facebook Page.

I provide a service for people that don't want to make kandi jewelry or just don't have the time.. so please be PLUR.