Fast shipment and Excellent Quality

Thank you so much for Kandi, everything I ordered shipped fast and the necklace and bracelets are made really well. I definitely want more :-)

So Happy You are Back

Heras Online Market is my favorite online Kandi Store. They come up with original designs and orders are sent quickly. I just don't have time to make...

Moralle Boost :)

i am serving in iraq currntly and we still have internet. i always kept my kandi as a reminder of good times waitin at home and all my rave family...

thankyou so much!

I absoulutely love this website and all its service...all my kandi and cuffs were not only made perfectly and looked stunning but the shipping was...


I absolutely loved my shopping experience and every piece of Kandi I ordered from Heras Online Market. First of all, the Kandi is very well made, so...


1000s of Kandi Patterns

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Bulk Mysteries Single Bracelet. Special Orders

Hello and thank you for reading.

You just found our web site (Herasonilnemaarket.com, Buykandibracelets.com,buykandi.com)and see we sell large quantities of single kandi bracelets. The problem is that you need them very soon.. the the time I have laid out just will not work. for example You need 300 bracelets by next week on a Thursday and you don't know what to do or what the charges are.

This would come out of the categories of special orders.. and we charge for the quick turn around.. 5.00 for each (100) hundred bracelets order. So If you need 300 buy next week then there is an extra charge of $15.00 PLUS Express Mailing.

For 100 to 125 a flat rate will be 19.99 for the Express Flat Rate Envelope.

For 126 and up I will tell you the Shipping price.

This is for those OMG I need 500 bracelets by next week. We can do it, we are not a corporation. We are just 2 people trying to make a living and when these large orders come in with no time we have to move things around to make it work.

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