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Welcome to our Affiliate Program

What is an affiliate program you ask. It is a way for you to earn a little extra money.. You could earn enough to buy even more bracelets.

You have to have an account to sign up for one.

I will have images that you can use.. or you can make your own.

Yes I need help with the images.. and if you make some good ones I will give a free bracelet.. contact me

so if you want to earn a little extra money sign up to be an affiliate and add the links provided to your web site , to emails you send., just anywhere you can add an link.

Payment will be made 30 days after the items are purchased to account for any returns.

Payment will be made through paypal. IF you don't have an account with paypal and just don't want one but want to sign-up for the affiliate program just contact me and see what we can work out.

You will receive 10% of what is bought and payment will be released as I said 30 days after purchase as long as the total adds up $10.00. If your total is not yet $10.00 it will carry over until the next month and or until total reaches $10.00.

I will add more rules as I need them..

Any questions please just contact me.

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